Unity Assets

Assets Available on the Asset Store !

Easy Exporter

This is a very helpful asset for packaging.

Create new Export Package, drop in your folders

and create.

when you want to export again (next day/next week / next....)

just select the created asset and press create....Done!

on a future update our plan is to bundle multiple exports in one.

Playmaker samples

This is a bundle with Playmaker action packages for 3rd party assets

Current assets included are :
Audio Tool Kit (free)
Cursor Control
Debug Drawing Extension
Input Simulator
Journal - Achievement System
Lean Pool
Midi Bridge
Power Sprite Animator

Playmaker samples

Warning! Some samples might be harder to implement This is a bundle with Playmaker samples

The samples are included with descriptions inside the Fsm's
and/or on separate Read Me Fsm's/GameObjects.

Also Most Samples Have tutorial videos with a youtube link included.

Easy to use and install. 
If you do not wish to purchase these samples you can still see all the tutorials on my YouTube Channel samples