Child Objects to Playmaker Array List

I Made an asset for an automation.

placing child game objects into a selected array list.

Written in C#

Bari Bari Style Game

I build the Basic Game Mechanics

For this game

for artist : philippe bosshart 

Build with Playmaker


Build complete prototype

Build with Playmaker


Easy Exporter

This is a very helpful asset for packaging.

Create new Export Package, drop in your folders

and create.

when you want to export again (next day/next week / next....)

just select the created asset and press create....Done!

Written in C#

Crazy Rubber duck

 - IAP Setup                               

 - Language Manager             

- Side Scrolling Shop Setup

Ecosystem Package Tool

This is a very helpful tool for packaging to the Ecosystem package repositories.

Easy to use and is in beta testing now.

Release is Coming very soon.

Written in C#