Unity PlayMaker


Unity is a cross-platform game engine and used to develop video games for  PC,consoles, mobile devices and websites and more.

Unity has a fully working free version and you can release the games you make that you made in the free version.

Here are some games that are made with unity : 

Temple Run Trilogy , Battlestar Galactica Online , Wasteland 2 , Lara Croft GO

Playmaker is the 2nd best rated asset on the unity store !

Playmaker is the best Visual scripting tool !

Playmaker has a very Active and friendly forum !

Here are some games made with playmaker :

 Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft , Ludo HD , Hit The Lights , Mecha Squad

You can find me as "DjayDino" on the playmaker discord channel


Click here to get access to playmaker discord channel